This Persian Kitten Became An Internet Sensation And She’ll Blow Your Mind!

This adorable little Persian kitten became an internet sensation in just two weeks after her video was uploaded on YouTube! Yep it’s cuteness overload with this adorable thing! She’s standing on two feet doing the ‘Puss in Boots’ acting definitely trying to get something out of her person! Although I’m yet to figure out what this cute little kitten wants, I’m having this feeling it’s got everything to do with cuddles, snuggles and lots of belly rubs! Don’t you think?

I’ve personally never come across a standing kitten, so when I saw this my heart skipped a beat, really! It’s the most beautiful thing or act I’ve ever come across! I think they trained their Persian kitten to do this because, I mean, without training I doubt kittens can stand on their two feet like humans! Look at this kitten, you can tell she’s more human than anyone!

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